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Courtesy of various good friends and their thoughtful e-mails, we appear to have accumulated a bit of a collection of . . .   Hmmmm; how best to describe them?  "Jokes" seems too crass, too blatant; almost suggesting an obligation to belly-laugh.  These are more subtle (well, mostly).  Ah, yes . . . a very apt description . . . "Amusements".

Like a bottle of fine vintage wine, "amusements" are something to be savoured and, more importantly, to be shared.  So, partake of them at will.  Download them for later - for the times you need a lift, or for no particular reason at all.  You might even want to spread a little light relief and e-mail some to your own  good friends.  Some items may make you cry with laughter, others may just provoke a quiet chuckle deep inside.  Whatever else you do, enjoy  them - and pass them on!

. . . and so to the Amusements

Categorised for convenience; here are the short-cuts -

Mostly Medical Travel Bugs Largely Legal
Technical Stuff Sport & Leisure The Human Condition
Odds & Sods

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Warning . . . content or language of an adult nature.  Please avoid these items if you're easily offended.

Mostly Medical

630.3Kb  WAV

This has to be our favourite.  A jerbil and a lighted match  . . .  it had us rolling around the floor and crying with laughter.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted and can only be described as "adult material".

Medical Miscellany
Some unrelated medical snippets.  Oops!   Perhaps we should rephrase that.

Mental Health Hotline
Oh dear, so  politically incorrect.  But if you don't mind a bit of insensitivity . . .

Trust me, I'm a Doctor
Hospital charts: a window on your doctor's soul - if you can read the handwriting.

Travel Bugs

Customer Service
For all of you out there who've had to deal with an irate customer, this one is for you.

59.1Kb  GIF

Dear Captain . . .
Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings . . .   And who said letter-writing was a dying art ?  This item comes with a language warning (! )

Room Service
The joys of sharing a common language - or not, as the case may be.  We just love this one!

Largely Legal

Disorder in the Court
Yes, they really did  say that!   I swear it on my mother's grave, Your Honour.

Driven to Distraction
Excuses, excuses!   Have you  ever had to complete a motor insurance claim form?

Technical Stuff

Base Language
Fed up with those cute little emoticons?  Try these instead.

120.2Kb  GIFs
in total

Dear Bill . . .
We sincerely believe that Microsoft's software products are eminently useable, but they do have their odd little quirks.  This item - actually a compendium of several items - comes with a language warning.

Mouse Balls
Frankly, we didn't know what else to call this little item.  Enjoy!

19.5Kb  GIF

Professional Advice
Always to be taken very  seriously - it could save you a packet of trouble.

Sport & Leisure

32.3Kb  GIF

Golf Coarse  (sic)
And now a word from our Lady Captain . . .   It'll bring tears to your eyes.

Man versus Nature
Proof - if needed - that the search for personal comfort can sometimes go too far.

32.3Kb  JPG

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup
Dining out can  be a real pleasure - just so long as the chef isn't having one of his funny turns.

The Human Condition

2.13Mb  WAV

The Good Neighbour
How to win friends and influence people - and with such an elegant command of the English language.  Shakespear, eat your heart out!   Caution: strong language.

Odds & Sods

49.2Kb  GIF

Playing Possum
Australia, "The Lucky Country" - for most.  One word of advice: don't get caught sleeping on the job.

The Sacred Cows of Politics
An intriguing and back-to-basics take on comparative political theory.

Th-th-that's all, Folks!

but do come back - we're always adding new stuff

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