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Pretty much everything on offer here came from playing around with various graphics software packages, mostly with no specific purpose in mind.  We're quite pleased with the majority of the results and thought other folk might like them too - we've already used a few "in anger" on Web Sites we've built.  Others we're not so keen on (they're not really to our taste) but someone may like to give them a loving home!   You're very welcome to download anything which takes your fancy.

So, enjoy your visit.  The navigation buttons below will take you to the Gallery's different sections.  Come back again soon as we hope to add more material as time goes by.




Link to Super BladePro

Presets and a Tutorial for Flaming Pear's Super BladePro, the (almost) all-singing-all-dancing - and in our view the most useful - plug-in filter for most main-stream graphics software packages.




Seamless Tiles

Designs in a variety of styles to build backgrounds, borders and other decorations for use on Web Sites, etc., many made with our own Super BladePro Presets.  Also some "how we did it" tutorials which may give you some ideas.

All resources in this Gallery are our original designs and therefore subject to our copyright, so . . .

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