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Orchid Specialist Group SSC/IUCN

British Orchid Council

World Orchid Conference Trust

The leading international network for
orchid conservation; part of the Species
Survival Commission of the IUCN

Live - June 2003

The UK orchid world's "federal" body
for amateur and professional growers,
the trade and the scientific community

Live - November 2003

The Bermuda-based Trust responsible for
the series of World Orchid Conferences,
held every third year since 1954

Live - January 2004

Grants for Horticulturists

Stour Valley Water Coolers

Campaign for Research into ME

Co-operative "shop window" for main UK
organisations offering grants & bursaries
to individuals for horticultural projects

Live - August 2004

Family-run company in East Dorset, UK,
supplying drinking water systems to
schools, offices, industrial works, etc.

Live - January 2005

RiME  -  a UK campaigning group
fighting for research into the causes
of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)

Live - March 2005

Orchid Conservation International

Bournemouth Heart Club

Warnham Pre-School

OCI is a registered UK charity set up to
give a firm funding base for the work of
the Orchid Specialist Group (see above)

Live - March 2005

An independent registered UK charity offering
professional cardiac rehabilitation to
past Royal Bournemouth Hospital patients

Live - December 2005

The Pre-School group (a registered
UK charity) in the village of Warnham,
near Horsham in West Sussex

Live - February 2006

Group on Scientific Research

Bournemouth Orchid Society

into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

One of the UK's largest and longer-

The UK Parliament's bi-cameral Group
usually known as "The Gibson Enquiry"

Live - July 2006

established amateur Orchid Societies,
(redesign - original site live in 1992)

Live - September 2008

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