Just a few sites offering Presets for Super BladePro

These are personal preferences which we particularly admire - despite the sometimes exotic names.  Respect!   Some of them offer a great deal more than Presets (graphics, tutorials, etc.), so have a good look around.  Please comply with their Terms of Use.  You can "google" a great many more Presets sites.

External link to Aesthetic Web Creations   Aesthetic Web Creations  (this site is a very elegant piece of design)

External link to Ann-S-Thesia   Ann-S-Thesia  (we just love the name!)

External link to Crow & Pitcher Creative Solutions   Crow & Pitcher Creative Solutions

External link to Elfenvald   Elfenvald

External link to Meditating Lizard   Meditating Lizard

External link to Mike Neary   Mike Neary

External link to Northlight   Northlight

External link to Twisted Creations   Twisted Creations

General graphics sources

Once again, purely personal preferences.  These are good for seamless tiles.

External link to 3Quarks   3Quarks  (a very simple stylish site with superb content; in English and German)

External link to Enigma Graphics   Enigma Graphics

And, finally, for the software used in creating this Web Site . . .
 Software Links